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Skevi Afantiti is a Cypriot jewellery designer. Born in Nicosia and trained in Italy, she has been designing and producing jewellery since 1991.

Her work derives from her deepest urge to extract pure, simple forms and lines out of the beauty that surrounds us. She believes that when a piece of jewellery is appreciated and adorned, it is transformed into a symbol of contemporary culture.

Skevi strives to achieve thoughtful and fully functional design that becomes one with the body, assuming individuality through movement, line and form.

Working mainly with silver and gold, two soft metals that allow movement between light and darkness, void and depth, Skevi has focused on emphasizing the surface and line defined by the material itself, sometimes intervened by other material such as wood, plastic and stone.

Krama by Skevi Afantiti - Nicosia, Cyprus

Online shop 

Cyprus Museum Shop - Nicosia, Cyprus

Artnaldas Concept Experience - Nicosia, Cyprus

The A.G. Leventis Gallery shop - Nicosia, Cyprus

2018 DIMENSIONS Collection @ KRAMA (Nicosia)

2017 EPOCA Collection @ KRAMA (Nicosia)

2016 TWO Collection @ KRAMA (Nicosia)

2015 TIMELESS Collection @ KRAMA (Nicosia)

IN CONTACT Collection @ KRAMA (Nicosia)

MOODS Collection @ KRAMA (Nicosia)

COLORS Collection @ KRAMA (Nicosia)

LINK Collection @ KRAMA (Nicosia)

HOME Collection @ KRAMA (Nicosia) & Participation in the “Contemporary Jewellery” Group Exhibition at Polydinamo Kentro Lefkosias (Nicosia)

2009 Inhorgenta Munich

2009 Macef Fiera Milano

2008 Inhorgenta Munich

2008 “Meetting Point” Group exhibition, Argw Gallery (Nicosia)

2007 “Women of Sarri street’’ Group exhibition, Occhi concept store (Athens)

2007 Inhorgenta Munich

2007 Group exhibition, Argw Gallery (Nicosia)

2006 Inhorgenta Munich

2006 Group exhibition, Eleni Marneri Gallery (Athens)

2005 Inhorgenta Munich

2005  International designers’ exhibition “2 half 2 n.” (Nicosia)

2004 Group exhibition, WOW Gallery (Chalkidiki, Greece)

2003 Solo exhibition: ‘Primeval Journey’, Occhi Concept Store (Athens)

2002 Solo exhibition: ‘Primeval Journey’, Pierides Museum (Larnaca)

2001 ‘Spring’ Group Exhibition, Argo Gallery (Nicosia)

1998 Old and Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition, 1700 – 1998, Cyprus Jewellers’ Museum, Famagusta Gate (Nicosia)

1998 Retrospective exhibition, Titanium Gallery (Athens)

1996 Gloria Gallery 20-Year Anniversary’ Group Exhibition, Gloria Gallery (Nicosia)

1995 Jewellery series on European Cultural Month for Nicosia Municipality

1994 Biennale of Young Creators from European and Mediterranean Countries (Lisbon)

1991 Participation in the International Diamonds Award Competition (USA), representing the SCUOLA ORAFA ROMANA

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