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Skevi Afantiti was born in Nicosia in 1968
Has been designing jewellery since 1991, at her workshop, “Krama” Design Collections, Nicosia.

“I don’t approach my jewellery designs as lifeless, decorative object, but as a work that rests on the body, taking on its own individual character through movement, line and form. This concept has influenced, and at times determined, my personal style and the evolution of my work.

Working with silver and gold, two soft metals that allow movement between light and darkness, void and depth, I have focused on emphasizing the surface and line defined by the material itself, without any further intervention. Although my first themed collections had more of a decorative, two-dimensional character, through time a paring down of detail steered me towards a more linear, three-dimensional design. Forms are now simplified, emerging into a new minimalism, opening out, wrapping round and extending across the body, to the extent that they must be worn to be fully revealed.”

Skevi Afantiti's work can be found at

“KRAMA” Design Collections, Nicosia, Cyprus

Mpenaki Museum, Athens, Greece

Occhi Concept Store Athens, Greece

Joint Athens, Greece

Design Yard, Dublin, Ireland

Baobab, Girona, Spain

Complemento oggetto Italy

Skevi Afantiti's work has appeared in:

Argo Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus

Power House Cultural Center, Nicosia, Cyprus

Eleni Marneri Gallery, Athens, Greece

Pierides Museum, Larnaca, Cyprus

“WOW” Sani Resort, Chalkidiki, Greece

Walter Castellazzo Design, London (84 Highgate High Street)

Artos Cultural and Research Foundation, Nicosia, Cyprus

Servartes Gallery, Porto, Portugal


2009 Inhorgenta Munich

2009 Macef Fiera Milano

2008 Inhorgenta Munich2008 ‘Meetting Point’ Group exhibition at Argw Gallery (Nicosia)

2007 “Women of Sarri street’’ Group exhibition at Occhi concept store (Athens)

2007 Inhorgenta Munich

2007 Group exhibition at Argw Gallery ( Nicosia )

2006 Inhorgenta Munich

2006 Group exhibition at Eleni Marneri Gallery (Athens)

2005 Inhorgenta Munich

2005  International designers’ exhibition “2 half 2 n.” (Nicosia)

2004 Group exhibition at “WOW” Gallery, Chalkidiki, Greece

2003 Solo exhibition: ‘Primeval Journey’, Occhi Concept Store (Athens)

2002 Solo exhibition: ‘Primeval Journey’, Pierides Museum (Larnaca)

2001 ‘Spring’ Group Exhibition, Argo Gallery (Nicosia)

1998 Old and Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition, 1700 – 1998, Cyprus Jewellers’ Museum, Famagusta Gate (Nicosia)

1998 Retrospective exhibition, Titanium Gallery (Athens)

1996 Gloria Gallery 20-Year Anniversary’ Group Exhibition, Gloria Gallery (Nicosia)

1995 Jewellery series on European Cultural Month for Nicosia Municipality

1994 Biennale of Young Creators from European and Mediterranean Countries (Lisbon)

1991 Participation in the International Diamonds Award Competition (USA), representing the SCUOLA ORAFA ROMANA


Lefkaritika (1993)

Script - Line - Form (1994)

Sea (1996)

Thread (1996)

Infinity (1997)

Pulse  (1997)

Minimalism (1998)

Identity (1999)

Illusion (1999)

Nature (2000)

2000+ (2000)

Translucence (2001)

Primeval Journey (2002)

Dialogues (2003)

Velvet (2004)

Synaesthesia (2005)

Balance (2006)

Embrace me (2007)

15+ (2008)

My space (2009)

Home (2010)


1988 – 1991 SCUOLA ORAFA ROMANA (Rome)
Silversmith and Goldsmith – with specialisation in wax modelling and forging.

Jewelry Design


Cyprus Silversmith and Goldsmith Association
Cyprus Designers Association